InnoGrove is a shared coworking environment for mutual benefit that inspires creative thinking, sharing of ideas and mutual support. InnoGrove was founded by innovators living and working in Elk Grove who felt the need to create a space for technologists and innovators to meet, work, and collaborate on a range of subjects.

What is Coworking?

Coworking represents one of the newest modes of work for small and startup businesses where resources may be shared by multiple people and companies. Some of the benefits of coworking include:

  • Office space that provides a shared work environment where companies or individuals can lease a small office or lease time in a shared open area to work.
  • Lease rates close in cost to traditional offices with amenities added (e.g., internet access, kitchen, etc.) that are shared among all users.
  • Membership and leases that are renewable month-to-month. This provides the flexibility needed for many new businesses.
  • A collaborative working environment where members can assist each other and have a feeling of “belonging” to a larger organization.
  • Availability for training in business concepts on site.
  • Potential to be active in the community to serve a greater need than just their core business.