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InnoGrove Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation that serves the members of InnoGrove and the community at large. The Foundation has a number of educational purposes as part of the InnoGrove community. These programs will take place at InnoGrove’s facilities and are coordinated by Laura Good, InnoGrove’s Director of Community Programs & Outreach.


InnoGrove Foundation is active in facilitating the work of women in technological fields. We are building a community for entrepreneurial women and women working in S.T.E.A.M. ( science, technology, engineering, art, and math) by providing opportunities for education and networking. Starting in January 2016, monthly events will be held on a range of themes with an emphasis on successful, innovative women in technology sharing their wisdom and experience. In particular, we will seek female founders of technology companies to be speakers. The formats we will use include: presentation, interview, and panel discussion. In addition, we will occasionally have networking receptions and mixers.

VetsDevelop PROGRAM

VetsDevelop provides free training in coding and other computer programming skills to veterans. This training takes place on a drop-in basis and allows one on one assistance to veterans looking to cultivate skills in Information Technology. This program is currently being run by KP Ward, an InnoGrove Foundation Founder, veteran, and experienced engineer. In this program veterans will get the necessary training needed in diversifying their marketable skills and become more employable. For more information on our VetsDevelop program, please visit the EVENTS page.


Monthly Arduino Coding Fundamentals class led by InnoGrove member Brian Barrera,  an athlete and electrical engineer that loves working with hardware and software.  This class focuses on the basics for programming in C, the primary language used in Arduino sketches.  This class is available to InnoGrove members at no cost and accessible to non-members in the community for a minimal fee.


Java is one of the most powerful and popular coding platforms!  Beginning October 2016, InnoGrove will introduce a course that will allow you to develop the technical skills necessary for mastering Java, its applications, and any other popular programming language. This beginner’s course teaches you the most fundamental aspects of programming using the Java programming language. You’ll learn basic syntax, control-flow, loops, functions, classes, and the basics of Object Oriented Programming. This 8 week course, instructed by InnoGrove member, Developer and all around cool guy, Yousuf Nejati consists of a weekly classroom session, homework, quizzes, and a final project. Whether you’re starting a new career, or learning just for fun, this beginners course will put you well on your way to learning how to code!


InnoGrove Foundation has partnered with Kids 2.0, which is a non-profit organization founded by Stephane Come, better known as Professor Pi. Kids 2.0 is dedicated to inspiring youth to use technology as a source of creativity. The organization helps youth to become creators, not just passive consumers of technology devices. By using project based learning, Kids 2.0 exposes children to various technological concepts from basic circuitry to robotics. 


InnoGrove Foundation offers a series of workshops and seminars monthly that provide relevant business education to startup founders and entrepreneurs. The program will be a community-building opportunity and will introduce attendees to the services InnoGrove has to offer.

InnoGrove is always looking for additional ways to serve the Elk Grove community, please come to us with your ideas!

To speak further with us about our Community, please contact us.