Newsletter, Sept 2019

Welcome to our new and improved monthly newsletter from InnoGrove!  We’ve had a few months off but will now be back with monthly updates on activities around InnoGrove!

InnoGrove Grant From City of Elk Grove

In case you did not hear, we received a welcome vote of support from the City of Elk Grove.  Since we opened, the City has recognized the value of supporting startup and innovative companies in Elk Grove and this represents the next step in our partnership.   This new strengthening of our partnership comes with support that will allow us to improve our support for the startup- and innovation-based community in Elk Grove.  For more information, please see our post here: Click for the Announcement

With this new support from the City, you will start to see some changes around InnoGrove during September and October.  Among the changes include:

  • Addition of two new offices behind our current reception desk,
  • New design to the coworking area,
  • Improved internet speeds,
  • New security door with access through an App on your phone,
  • and many more!

Educational Programs

We have always had a series of educational programs at InnoGrove that are available to InnoGrove members (and the broader Elk Grove community).  Some of this month’s activities are listed below.  These are presented in collaboration with InnoGrove Foundation: 

  1. Startup Founders and Women-in-Tech workshops – These monthly workshops provide a basis for members to learn about a new area in these fields and also an excellent networking opportunity.  The events for September and October may be found at the end of this newslatter,
  2. freeCodeCamp Greater Sacramento Area – A a friendly community of amazing and wonderful coders who are striving for a common purpose: to become a better developer.  They meet every Friday at InnoGrove and events are typically free.  Their Meetup page may be found here:
  3. Kubernetes is an open-source platform for the deployment and management of applications across a range of hosts.  It was developed by Google and made an open-source application in 2014.    The Kubernetes Sacramento group meets at InnoGrove on the last Thursday of each month.  For more information and to sign up, please seen the Kubernetes Sacramento Meetup group here:

New (& Improved) Printer is Coming!

Important printer/copier changes coming October 1st!!!  We have been limping along with a variety of printing options at InnoGrove since we opened.  It has long been time for us to upgrade our printing capabilities and our new printer will do that.   This system will provide for high-quality B/W and Color prints along with copying and scanning.

One thing to note: We have always provided a limited number of free prints each month.  This new printer will allow you to pay for additional prints as you wish at a price significantly lower than FedEx Office. In order to use this printer, you will need to download printer software and get an access code for printing.  

Please contact Steve or Faith for more details.

Construction Schedule

Our construction schedule for the upcoming improvements depend a bit on receiving permits from the City of Elk Grove but I expect they will be accomplished during the month of October.   There will be some interferences in the open coworking space during this time.  We will be adding desks near the Training Room – please feel free to use these desks as well as the Training Room during construction.

We’ll have more updates to come.  See you next month!

Steve Barnett

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, September 25th 
eCommerce Opportunities and Strategies for Small Businesses and Startups

Please join us with Veronika Monell, owner of JumpStartNOW, showing you the power of eCommerce. Her superpower is strategizing with business owners. She will share her expertise to identify opportunities and help you learn how to sell and market your products online in today’s fast-paced digital world. 

The topics covered will include:

  • Why is eCommerce an opportunity
  • What you should consider before you start
  • What is your eCommerce strategy
  • How to Identify your ideal customers
  • How to develop your online store
  • Managing your store including analytics
  • What to consider when selling on Amazon
  • Build an online marketing strategy

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Wednesday, October 16th
Protecting Your Intellectual Property without a Patent

How do you protect your startup idea? Does it take a patent? The average cost to file a patent is ranges from $15,000-$20,000 and it will cost you even more to finish it up. The savvy founder knows they have a number of alternatives to filing for a patent to keep their intellectual property safe. Patent Attorney Yuri Kvichko will help you understand your options for protecting your idea in this workshop.

Topics to be Covered

  • Strategic use of trademarks and how they can be used to protect designs.
  • Using trade secrets as a patent substitute.
  • The strengths and weaknesses of using copyright to protect software code.

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